Preview by Patrouille de France

Cette prestigieuse formation de l'Armée de l'Air est reconnue comme étant l'ambassadrice des ailes Françaises à travers le monde. La réputation de la Patrouille s'est construite autour du professionnalisme et de l'esprit d'équipe, en appliquant le savoir faire des pilotes de chasse français et les techniques de l'Armée de l'Air.

Preview by Blue Angels

The mission of the Blue Angels is to enhance Navy recruiting, and credibly represent Navy and Marine Corps aviation to the United States and its Armed Forces to America and other countries as international ambassadors of good will.

Preview by Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds are proud to represent Air Force Airmen who make America's Air Force the most advanced and respected air, space and cyberspace force the world has ever seen.

Preview by Red Arrows

Since the Team’s creation in 1965, the Red Arrows have flown over 4,000 displays in 52 countries. Today the Red Arrows are renowned throughout the world, acting as ambassadors for Great Britain when displaying overseas. They also support UK industry by demonstrating the capabilities of British equipment and expertise.

Preview by Patrouille Suisse

Die im Jahr 1964 gegründete Patrouille Suisse ist die offizielle Jet-Kunstflugstaffel der Schweizer Luftwaffe und gilt als Visitenkarte der Schweizer Armee im In- und Ausland. Unsere Aufgabe ist es, die Leistungsfähigkeit, die Präzision und die Einsatzbereitschaft der Schweizer Luftwaffe zu demonstrieren.

Preview by Frecce Tricolori

The high standard of aerobatics performed by the Frecce Tricolori today is the expression of a glorious tradition which dates back to the Thirties and the days of men and their flying machines. This tradition, which has been proudly maintained over the years, has been identified with the 313th Aerobatic Training Squadron since the day it was formed on 1st July 1961, under the command of Major Mario Squarcina.