F-16 Fighting Falcon

Lockheed Martin:
"The F-16 soars above all others as the world's standard. Nations around the world have evaluated the variety of choices available and consistently select the F-16, the world's most capable multirole fighter.

Twenty-six nations have selected F-16s, with more than 4,500 produced to date and 54 follow-on buys by 15 customers – a key indicator of customer satisfaction. 

The F-16 program currently represents the world’s largest and most successful industrial cooperation production effort tailoring solutions to meet the needs of customers worldwide."

Producent: General Dynamics/Lockheed Martin

Anvendt af: Bla. USA, Danmark, Norge, Belgien, Holland, Pakistan, Indonesien, Israel, Syd korea, Thailand og Tyrkiet.

Første flyvning: 2/2 1974.

Længde: 14,32 m.

Højde: 5,01 m.

Spændvidde: 9,14 m.

Vingerareal: 27,87 m2

Max hastighed: Mach 2.

Våbenlast: 9276 kg.

Bevæbning: 20 mm kanon. Diverse bomber, raketter og missiler.