"The four-engine, propeller-powered Boeing B-50 bomber was among the last piston-powered bombers built during an era that was to be dominated by jets, particularly the B-47 and the B-52. In 1949, the B-50A, the Lucky Lady II made the first nonstop flight around the world in 94 hours, refueled in flight four times by KB-29Ms.The B-50 evolved from the B-29D, but because it included so many improvements, it was redesignated the B-50A, with 59 percent more power than the B-29. 

Boeing built 371 B-50s between 1947 and 1953. Some served until 1965 and were in action during the Vietnam conflict as refueling tankers."

Producent: Boeing

Anvendt af: USA.

Første flyvning: 25/6 1947.

Længde: 30,18 m.

Højde: 9,96 m.

Spændvidde: 43,05 m.

Vingeareal: 161,55 m2

Max hastighed: 620 km/t.

Våbenlast: 9072 kg.


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